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In der Mitte der Zitadelle befand sich ein Tempel, der Poseidon und Kleito gewidmet war. Die Beschreibung von zwei grossen Kreisen von Land um eine Insel mit drei grossen Kreisen mit Wasser um das Land ist das. Symbol des lichten Atlantis. Die drei Rauten stellen jeweils die Pyramide von Poseidonis dar. Die innerste Pyramide umgibt uns, jeden einzelnen Menschen. Legende der Symbole. Atlantis hat sich immer darauf festgelegt, neue Lösungen und innovative Techniken in Bezug auf Design und Entwicklung neuer. KRISTALL LICHT SYMBOLEN ∴ DIE 12 SIEGEL DIE MEISTERBRIEFE AUS ATLANTIS ∴ THE ATLANTIS CODE & THE DIVINE CODE ∴ ENERGIE. Atlantisheilsymbole mit toller Energie. Schöne Symbole und schön erklärt in dem kleinen Buch, welches dazu gehört. Ein Muss für Atlantis-Fans.

Atlantis Symbole

Atlantisheilsymbole mit toller Energie. Schöne Symbole und schön erklärt in dem kleinen Buch, welches dazu gehört. Ein Muss für Atlantis-Fans. Wenn das erledigt ist, erforsche das Grab weiter. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Agamemnons Symbol Ort Schicksal von Atlantis DLC. Wie und wo. Symbol des lichten Atlantis. Die drei Rauten stellen jeweils die Pyramide von Poseidonis dar. Die innerste Pyramide umgibt uns, jeden einzelnen Menschen. Atlantis Symbole Nach unten Darts Sport 1. Geschäft Und Finanzen. If it's not possible, place it in the credits section. Ecofriendly technology involving colouring the fabric by hot transfer from the colour polymers directly to the Beste Spielothek in NiederseГџmar finden without immersion in water, avoiding waste and the emission of dyes into the water. Ermöglicht wird das durch spezielle Behandlungsmethoden während der letzten Produktionsphasen. Hole dir die Premium-Version für Cloud Mining Rechner unbegrenzte Anzahl an Icons. Die Namen kannst du ändern. Dieser Text ist lediglich eine Zusammenfassung zur Information. Für dich stehen einige Downloads bereit! Als registrierter Nutzer kann eine Sammlung bis zu Icons beinhalten.

The serpent is coiled around the Polar Mountain Meru that served as the giant churning stick activated by the devas and the asuras. The two parties pull on opposite sides of the churning rope which consists of the immensely long body of the Serpent Shesha.

Below, at the bottom, lies the Turtle Kurma , that represents the Paradise sunken to the bottom of the Ocean of Milk in consequence of the war.

The complex of Angkor Thom is also decked with lakes and ponds and fountains representing the healing waters of Paradise called Barays.

These symbolize the Fountains of Life that are the central feature of Paradise everywhere. Another important myth illustrated in Angkor is the Legend of the Leper King and his magic healing by means of these wondrous waters which are no other than the Elixir.

This ancient Hindu myth somehow passed into Christianity, where the Leper King is identified with King Abgarus and his magic healing is attributed to the Holy Sudary, the actual image of Christ obtained by equally magical means.

There can be no doubt that the legend of the Leper King originated in the Indies. There it dates from times well before the advent of Christianism as a religion on its own.

This serves to prove the force of diffusion of myths, legends and religions traditions from earliest times and from the most remote regions of the world.

Hence, it should not come as a surprise to find out that a similar diffusion also took place for the far more important traditions concerning Atlantis and its destruction at the dawn of times.

It was precisely the destruction of Paradise that forced the survivors to come out from Eden and move into distant regions of the world to which they brought the light of their civilization and their beautiful religion.

There can be no reasonable doubt then that Religion and Civilization developed in Paradise, just as our myths and traditions affirm.

From there, after its destruction it was handed down to us by the survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm. They appeared to us primitives as the gods the angels, the saints, the heroes and the demons that are invariably mentioned in all ancient traditions.

Hence, just as the Hindus philosophically affirm, there are evils that come to good. And we also see that Catastrophism is indeed a fundamental aspect of Evolution, despite the skepticism of the academicians imbued with the arrogance of the science they mistake for Wisdom and, often, for Compassion.

Creation spreads from its Cosmic Centers due to the impact of bangs and catastrophes such as the one that destroyed Atlantis and caused the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age.

Such is the idea embodied in the Shri Yantra and in the Kalachakra mandalas that are precisely the graphic expressions of the doctrines of Tantrism and of Kalachakra Buddhism.

Hence, we see, much to the surprise of most of us, that Religion is indeed Wisdom, and that it is invariably far more right and truthful than Science.

Truncated pyramids and obelisks are a constant in Egyptian symbolism. This symbolism has passed into Masonic ones, and a topless pyramid figures in the Great Presidential of the U.

Such is also the symbolism of the stunted pylons of the Egyptian temples as well as the one of their archetypes, the gopuras of Hindu ones.

In reality, the pylons of Egyptian temples represent the Triple Mountain Trikuta , the true archetype of Mt. Such is indeed, we repeat, the symbolism of the imposing pylons that invariably garnished the entrance of Egyptian temples of Ramesside and later times.

The same symbolism was also expressed by the two obelisks that very often also figured before the pylon itself. As we discussed further above, the two flagpoles that also decorated the pylons of Egyptian temples likewise corresponded to the two Pillars of Hercules.

The Celestial Twins are represented in the Zodiac by a pair of parallel poles, another symbol of the Pillars of Hercules. The Dioscuri are copied, almost verbatim, from their Vedic archetypes, the Ashvin Twins.

But these two founders of the world are no other than the archetypes of Krishna and Balarama and, hence, of Atlas and Hercules.

As we commented further above, these gods are also the Twins figured on the two jambs of the pylons of Egyptian temples and indifferently butchering the Atlantean residents of Paradise, at its destruction.

As we see, no matter where we look, we always end up with the myth of Atlantis. Hence, recapitulating what we just adduced above.

The two pylons or stunted pyramids of the Egyptian temples correspond to the two pillars Jachin and Boaz that decorated the Temple of Solomon.

They also correspond to their two obelisks and their two divine flagpoles neters , and even to their twin guardians. But these Pillars of Hercules were not indeed the ones at Gibraltar phony ones but the ones that flank the Strait of Sunda in Indonesia and which are the real Pillars of Hercules that allowed the ingress to Paradise in antiquity, before Atlantis was destroyed by the Flood.

It is interesting to note that the symbolism of the Christian cathedrals and churches closely correspond to the one of Egyptian temples.

In them, the spires or towers substitute the twin pylons or pillars of Egyptian temples. The towers of many cathedrals such as Notre Dame see Fig.

The idea is to represent the fact that their tops were destroyed in a giant volcanic explosion, the one that destroyed Paradise.

The flimsy third tower of Notre Dame represents the regrowth of the destroyed Paradise. They also recognize that their spires represent, just as do those of Hindu and Egyptian temples, the lofty mountains of Eden.

Thence flowed the River of Life, branching out into four rivers, in perfect correspondence with the Hindu myths on Mt.

Meru, the Mountain of Paradise. As it is not conceivable that the far older and extremely conservative Hindus cribbed their temple symbolism from that of the Christians, or even from the Egyptians, we are compelled into accepting that the diffusion took the opposite direction.

In fact, both the Egyptians and the Christians acknowledge that their doctrines, symbols and traditions originated in Paradise.

Now, these two sites are one and the same thing. They were located Indonesia or, rather, in the Australasian continent beyond it.

This vast piece of land was sunken down at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, some 11, years ago, the very date given by Plato for the demise of Atlantis.

No chance! Egyptian temples appear to be consistently older than their Hindu and Indonesian counterparts.

This is due to the fact that the Egyptian temples were buried under the desert sands, and were thus spared in great extent from the fanatic destruction by the early Christians and their successors, the Muslims.

The Indian temples were methodically razed by the Muslims, and hence only date, with minor exceptions, from later epochs, when religious fanaticism finally yielded to the voice of reason.

But we find the Hindu traditions and temple symbolism throughout the Far East, and who knows the surprises that await us in the forests of Indonesia or under its shallows seas, the burial place of Atlantis.

The symbolism of Hindu temples and pyramidal complexes extends farther out into the Pacific region, all the way to the Americas Mayan and Aztec pyramidal complexes and temples.

It is, hence, reasonable to ask: where did this universal tradition first started? No one will reasonably argue that diffusion took place under the aegis of historical or even prehistorical Egypt and, even less, of Mesopotamia or of Phoenicia or Israel.

We are left with India and Indonesia and a very, very ancient tradition that can only date from Atlantean times and her worldwide empire.

As we commented further above, the tradition that eventually resulted in the sacred geometry of the Egyptian temples was probably brought to Egypt by the Gerzeans, who conquered pre-Dynastic Egypt, some five or six millennia ago.

The Atlantean tradition is intimately connected with the Phoenicians, and the Gerzeans seem to have been proto-Phoenicians. And they apparently came from Punt, to judge from their symbolism, which we study in detail elsewhere.

To this pristine tradition that forms the base and essence of the ancient religion guessed by many specialists, belong not only Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism, but also Egyptian religion, that of Mesopotamia, the one of the Mayas and Aztecs and, why not, that of the Christians and the Jews.

We are all brainwashed into believing, from earliest childhood, that our own religion is unique, historical and original, whereas those of the Pagans are all impious, diabolic inventions, which are, furthermore, grossly polytheistic and idolatrous.

But this is only an illusion, for essentially all regions derive from the Urreligion which we just mentioned.

It is this killing en masse that is depicted in the pylons of Egyptian temples, as we mentioned above.

As is the case of Notre Dame, most Christian churches and cathedrals have three towers spires. Except that the third, central tower, is usually smallish and stunted, and is often almost invisible.

The three towers are often pyramidal in shape, just as is the case of the pylons of Egyptian temples or the gopuras of their Dravidian counterparts.

The stunted central tower commemorates Mt. Atlas, the central Pillar of Heaven that exploded and collapsed, causing the skies to fall down over Atlantis sinking it under the sea.

The central, stunted tower of Christian churches and cathedrals is often placed upon the front door of the edifice as a sort of pediment. This is done as shown in Fig.

The structure of St. The two lateral spires are pyramidal in shape and are far taller than the central, more massive structure.

Here this structure is domed to represent the Celestial hemisphere that collapsed over Paradise. At the front we have the huge door or gateway, with its triangular pediment above.

The lowly pediment represents the fact that Mt. Atlas was crushed down by the weight of the overloaded skies it was unable to support.

The many pillars in front of St. Likewise, the clocks that often decorate churches and cathedrals are intended to remind us that time flows inexorably, leading the world to the end of the present era, just as happened in the former one.

And that end is now impending on us, according to the Gospels and innumerous other traditions that affirm that the end is near.

At the forefront of St. This fountain commemorates the well-watered barays of Far Eastern Paradises, as we discussed further above. In other words, they replicate, just as did the ancient Egyptian temples, the Triple Mountain of Paradise with its central peak collapsed and turned into a gateway.

This gate is often decorated by pillars precisely as was the case of the Temple of Solomon or that of Egyptian temples. Such puns do not obtain in any other language we know of, except insofar as they are derived from the tongues just mentioned.

Hence, we see why Egyptian temples such as the one of Dendera and, indeed, most if not all others, were full of palm-tree stems figuring the pillars of Atlantis.

As we just said, the many pillars of Christian churches and cathedrals also commemorated the same fact, perhaps unwittingly. The temple of Dendera and others in Egypt was built underground, with the city of Dendera constructed above it.

Again, the idea was to represent the realm of Atlantis sunken underground by the cataclysm that turned this former paradise into a veritable hell, with a new world built over it, the former one.

It also represents Shesha, the Standing Serpent who was the alias and archetype of Atlas. All in all, the symbols and the sacred geometry of temples and cathedrals everywhere only find their full explanation in the languages and archetypes of India and Indonesia.

And this can only mean one thing, when we pause to think the problem over: these replicas of Atlantis all originated there, in the dawn of times.

If this undeniable reality is accepted, we can only conclude that therein lies the true site of Paradise-Atlantis. Where else?

We would also like to point out the fact that, though the ancients had to follow the rigid canons pertaining to the sacred geometry of temples and cathedrals, this in no way hampered their creative freedom.

Though always following these stringent canons, the ancient architects and stonemasons exercised their creativity and came out with the magnificent temples and cathedrals that we can see, even today, just about everywhere in the world.

Temples, more than anything, attest the unicity of the Primordial Religion, for they all obey the same Sacred Geometry everywhere and everywhen.

The fact that they all imitate Paradise and, more exactly, Atlantis, is, in our view, the most compelling evidence that the Lost Continent indeed existed, just as Plato stated.

It was Atlantis that civilized the whole of the ancient world, in prehistoric times far earlier than the rise of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, and the other civilizations we know of.

Atlantis is indeed so old that its existence was utterly forgotten by all but the pious traditions that come to us from antiquity.

The existence of Atlantis-Paradise is indefinitely stated in our holy rituals and in the sacred symbols of all religions. But we utterly forgot their meaning and purpose long ago.

And we only perform our rites apishly, and copy our symbols blindly, never connecting them to the originals at all, and never realizing that they indeed commemorate Atlantis and its demise, in the dawn of times.

Imhotep was not only the inventor of the arts of architecture and metallurgy, but also of the art of writing cursive? Imhotep was, allegedly, the son of Ptah, the god of Punt, the Land of the Gods.

And Punt was no other than Indonesia, as we already said. So, Imhotep was indeed a Hindu from Indonesia, the name we now give to Punt. Imhotep-Asclepios was often identified or associated with serpents, an emblem of his Naga nature, the Nagas being the white Serpent People or Dragons of India and Indonesia.

Solomon imported Hiram and his gangs of workers and artificers from the equally legendary Tyre the Primordial Phoenicia that is the same as Ophir or Punt.

Perhaps both Imhotep and Hiram Abiff, the legendary founder of the Free-Masons, were indeed the personifications of the crews of specialists imported from the Indies in the primordials of civilization.

Perhaps even the Goths who build the Gothic cathedrals belong to the same confrary of Indian experts in guilded crafts such as stone masonry, smithing metals, and so on.

Eliade and by A. Coomaraswamy, and is routinely used in the construction of Hindu temples. The stake is driven into the head of the subterranean Naga Shesha that supports the earth from below, and who is the alias of Atlas, the anguipedal Titan.

The circle with the crossed diameters is, in reality, an image of the earth, usually thus represented in antiquity. More esoterically, the Crossed Circle is a symbol of Atlantis, which had precisely this shape, as described by Plato.

Atlantis imaged Lanka, indeed placed at the Center of the World, at the intersection of the line of the Equator and that of Meridian Zero.

This was the origin of geographical coordinates, which, in Hindu antiquity, lay in Indonesia. The Crossed Circle was also adopted as the symbol of Atlantis, as several Atlantologists of note such as Otto Muck have remarked.

As we argue elsewhere, the Crossed Circle represents the Holy Mountain seen from above. We find the Holy Mountain thus represented both in the Americas Navajos, etc.

The Holy Mountain is also represented as a Cross, as seen from above, in the famous Hindu Kalachakra Mandalas, a standard representation of Paradise.

The Dravidian term evokes the Hebrew ones applied to pillars mazzeba , bethel. Very often, the building itself adytum was comparatively small.

The square shape corresponds to the earth, whereas the circle symbolizes the sky the horizon. In essence all such structures represent Mt.

Meru is pyramidal in shape, but is also often represented as a cone. Many temples and pagodas often ingeniously combine the square shape and the round one.

They departed from the port of Ezion-Geber, in the Red Sea and, hence, could only go southwards, to the Indies, and not north, towards the country now called thus, in commemoration of the primordial Lebanon.

The radix leb- or lev- , etc. Above all, it alludes to Lanka, the legendary Island of the Lions so often equated with Atlantis, Avalon and other such Paradises.

This mysterious parable is the famous Hindu one concerning the two birds and which dates from Vedic times in India. This is the most mysterious of all in the already enigmatic Vedas.

We discuss the mysterious parable of the two birds in our book on Alchemy, and will not repeat this subject here. The passage just mentioned of Isaiah is telling of the return of the children of Israel to their formerly destroyed but recovered Eden, where they will again rebuild the Celestial Jerusalem.

The Great Sphinx is mentioned in the famous stele attributed to Honitsen, the daughter and lover of Kheops, as existing in the times of her famous father.

Moreover this stele also mentions the Great Pyramid as the tomb of Osiris. There are also other instances in ancient Egyptian records of the existence of the Great Pyramid before the times of Khufu Kheops.

Indeed, both this pharaoh and his whorish daughter are purely legendary, semi-divine characters who often figure in Egyptian tales as well as in those of other nations.

This is an epithet often applied to the sphinxes in Egypt. Hence, we see that sphinxes were believed to be the guardians of the dead, just as the Great Sphinx was the guardian of the Great Pyramid, the tomb of Osiris.

But this is only a rather transparent image. The sun or, rather, Ra, the Sun-god, was a personification of the dead Atlantis. The fact that the Egyptians formally called the southeastern gate by the name of Eastern or Oriental Gate is also full of esoteric symbolisms.

There, the Old World civilizations arose and died. Lanka is old even in regards to India, and it was there that its great epic, the Ramayana , was composed.

In fact, Lanka was the site of Paradise, the one we know under the name of Eden. And this was Indonesia, the site of Lanka, the meridian of origin in antiquity.

The Egyptians, like the Greeks and other peoples, attempted to transfer the myth to their new place of residence. But this never worked, and only led to riddles and paradoxes that even today torment all sorts of experts, unable to solve the puzzle created by this change of point of reference.

Such name indeed derives from Hindu epithets of Mt. Trikuta or Meru. Despite its importance, it cannot be treated here for reasons of space, and we recommend that the interested reader seek our works on this subject.

The symbolism of the lotus in both Egypt and India is treated in other works of ours,which should be consulted by the more sanguine reader.

When one looks at a map of the region, the reason for the allegory becomes evident. The figure represents quite accurately the local geography.

One such is the three-stepped pyramid that is the characteristic crown of Isis herself a personification of the Great Mother, Mu or Lemuria.

Other variants of the triple crown are the two horns and central disk of Hathor, the two horns and central peak of Reshet, the triple lotus flowers or papyrus stems of Hapi, the trident crown of Iabet, the triple-peaked mountain of Ha, the two arrows and shield of Neith, the triple atef crown of Osiris, and so on.

In the Christian churches and cathedrals, the Triple Mountain usually assumes the shape of the double lateral spires flanking the central, dwarfed tower.

Its stunted size refers to the fact that it exploded and collapsed, as explained further above. Its value varied, in the ancient world, from about 18 to 21 inches 46 to 53 cm.

The cubit is worth about half a yard 36 inches or half a meter, and it is not impossible that the original measures of the Temple were given in yard or meters with the inner sanctum measuring exactly 10 x 10 x 10 meters or yards.

Such a double unit standard of about 1 meter in length seems to have prevailed in the ancient world, and it is likely that the meter unit was accurately known from Atlantean times, as we argue elsewhere.

The linga that is, the phallus of Shiva is the emblem of the Supreme God and, hence, of gods in general. It expresses, as does the word ketu , the idea of Mt.

Meru as the phallic mountain at the center of the world. It also symbolizes the fall of the vajra , the thunderbolt that destroyed Paradise Jambudvipa.

The linga was the archetype of the concept of the netjer as a sort of omphalos or raised stone and, more exactly, as an avatara of the deity fallen from heaven as a sort of very special meteorite.

The dvipas were circular and concentric, separated by circular oceanic strips. The enormous jambu tree planted at the center of Jambu-dvipa was the archetype of the Tree of Life everywhere.

In reality it was the volcanic plume of Mt. Atlas or Meru which served both as a lighthouse and as an ensign and a warning to all nations that grow impious and arrogant as Atlantis did.

It was opened by a gigantic prehistoric explosion of the Krakatoa volcano that lies at the bottom of the strait. Obviously, such a thing did not happen in Gibraltar, at least in the times of Man, in contrast with what indeed took place in Indonesia.

This event, which is central to the understanding of the true story of Atlantis is allegorized in a multitude of myths from everywhere, as we explain in more detail elsewhere.

Once again, the visual pun that does not make any sense in Egypt can be traced back to India. More exactly, it can be traced back to Atlantis and the Dravidas, for the wordplays with its name indeed derives from that primordial language, ancestral of that of the ancient Egyptians.

However, in the ancient myths the heroes and saints were said to become pillars in Paradise, that is, in Atlantis. It is thus that Cu Chullain and his braves turn into pillars in their final battle.

This fact can be seen, f. The terraces are required not only to control the water flow, but also to prevent erosion and to preserve the fertility of the soil.

The rain waters are collected at the summit of the mountains and stored in dams called barays in Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

This word derives from the Dravida para-tt-is meaning a dam or cistern para built upon a mountain or volcanic peak in order to provide water is for agricultural purposes and, particularly, for the cultivation of rice in terraced mountains.

These are some of the reasons why this powerful ring has been worn for hundreds of years and is known all over the world. This is explained further in other sections of this website.

For 3D versions of this symbol, two holes and a straight groove uniting them are added to assist the energy flow. The design follows a specific measurement based on Sacred Geometry proportions the Golden Mean and its benefits will be felt mostly in the three areas mentioned above: Protection , Healing energy balancing and Intuition.

The Atlantis ring , originally made of assouan clay, was discovered around in a tomb in Egypt by a French egyptologyst. The ring was considered to be several thousands of years old and was adorned with geometric symbols which were placed and balanced according to a very special arrangement.

He studied and tested the patterns on the ring carefully to find the amazing and magical properties of the Luxor symbol, which were then applied to other instruments and tools for harmonization and balancing of places and energies.

It has no beginning and no end. Sacred geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light and cosmology.

It is considered foundational to building sacred structures such as temples, mosques, megaliths, monuments and churches.

Sacred geometry may be understood as a world view of pattern recognition, a complex system of symbols and structures involving space, time and form.

By studying the nature of these patterns, forms and relationships and their connections, insight may be gained into the mysteries of the Universe.

Many forms observed in nature can be related to geometry for sound reasons of resource optimization. For example, the chambered nautilus grows at a constant rate and so its shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate that growth without changing shape.

Also, honeybees construct hexagonal cells to hold their honey. These and other correspondences are seen by believers in sacred geometry to be further proof of the cosmic significance of geometric forms.

The golden mean ratio, which is equal to approximately 1. One more interesting finding about the golden ratio is what is described in the research of Dan Winter about of the harmonics of the heart.

According to his studies, when an individual is relaxed and receptive and feeling love, the average distance between frequency peaks heartbeats recorded on a special machine was 1.

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Statt ausufernden Sätzen ist nur noch ein Symbol nötig, um die eigene Haltung. Sein kommendes Album "Atlantis", dass nun. Doch aufgrund einer beeindruckenden Entwicklung verbringen Fler — Grind [Video] — Statt ausufernden Sätzen ist nur noch ein Symbol nötig, um die eigene Haltung.

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Atlantis Symbole

Atlantis Symbole - Assassin's Creed Odyssey Agamemnons Symbol Ort Schicksal von Atlantis DLC

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Atlantis Gate Symbols Just wondering, it's probably explained somewhere but I've missed it, but oh well.

I was just wondering why the gate in atlantis has symbols made up of dots while the rest of the gates in the pegasus galaxy have the usual star constellation symbols.

I figure it's because the atlantis gate was designed and built on earth so they had no idea what the constellations would look like there, and because it would be the only gate with the ability to go back to the milky way galaxy gate system, but thats just what I think, does it say anywhere exactly, or am I the first one to think of this.

Re: Atlantis Gate Symbols I hope the Ancients were smart enough to know the Pegasus constellation before they built the gate.

I agree with you for the most part Re: Atlantis Gate Symbols It is semi- official that the Atlantis gate is using dynamivally generated symbols assembled by dots to be able to "link in" and adapt to any other gate system in any other galaxy the ancient fly to.

So once in he Milky-Way galaxy the Atlantis gate will show "our" symbols instead of the pegasus ones. A geopathical zone can bring a rupture of the Cosmo-telluric balance and generate harmful waves.

The Atlantis ring has been part of my life for 30 years now. I have a strong connection with its symbolism and energy.

My decision to make it part of my jewelry creations is a sincere testimonial from someone who has a strong belief in the benefits of this ring.

For several years, I received incredible feedback from clients and friends who wore the Atlantis ring. In many cases, they have managed to bring a whole new perspective to their lives, just by feeling more empowered and connected with their ability to see more clearly and use their intuition.

I have been making the Atlantis ring for a decade now. I created my first ring by modelling it in wax, inspired by the original ring.

The original ring, made of clay belongs to the French family of Andre de Belizal. All other rings in the market are either attempted reproductions or creative designs based on the ring.

The rings I make are not reproductions of the original ring. These rings are my own designs that contain the representation of the Luxor symbol found on the original Atlantis ring.

I am myself an intuitive dowser, energy worker and Reiki practitioner and make these rings with the serious intent to spread positive energy to help empower the healer within.

If requested, I will add your personal intention when preparing the ring. I am a Reiki Master and can infuse your positive intention into the energy of the ring in the form of a Reiki blessing.

This is not needed or required, but creates a beautiful psychological and spiritual connection with your Atlantis ring. The Atlantis rings you see on this website are made individually with high quality materials, hand finished by me with love and personal attention to each piece.

They are not mass produced for profit. What is the origin of the Atlantis ring? The good stuff is kept under wraps until such time that someone finds a lucrative way to commercialize it, no matter the consequences for humanity or Nature.

Form-generated energy is just such an instance. The most recent form of weaponry is the high-energy end of this domain, the ability to take buildings, vehicles, individuals out with a beam of directed energy.

That is no longer the subject of sci-fi. It is here and now, probably even the demolition of seven buildings with two planes a few years ago was an example of that technology.

The low-energy end of the spectrum is what interests us here and the Atlantis symbol when designed to specific proportions is the perfect example of the unsuspected capacities of form.

It would be so comforting to our mindset if a harmful frequency which dehydrates can be offset. Nature specializes in the interaction of opposites, anyone who observes her knows that.

There is no exception here. The terms coined by de Belizal and his colleagues to define these frequencies corresponded to colours in three different phases: electric, magnetic and electromagnetic but that is another story.

Continuing their research in my own modest manner what I have found to explain the physics looks like this:. The combination of the geometric patterns and forms making up the Atlantis symbol seem to have a harmonizing capacity, as if they balance frequencies in the immediate vicinity.

Affecting a range of energetic forces in the magnetic and electromagnetic diapason, including the telluric and cosmic energies impacting the human, so biomagnetic and bioelectromagnetic might be more accurate.

The effective radius is approximately 2. It has no apparent direct influence on the electric field, although the magnetic influence will have some bearing at a certain stage.

Because of its restricted range it cannot act as a shield against cosmic forces from the sun and universe, nor cosmic or tropospheric EMF or radiation.

This fact of balancing within a restricted area would imply it can be used as a protection against energetic forces, both of known and unknown influences and as a result act as a defence, protecting the wearer from energy of a magnetic and electromagnetic nature.

Given that thought is an electromagnetic frequency, that is perhaps the reason why it was considered especially useful against the harmful intentions of other humans, providing protection of a psychic and mental nature.

In conclusion, thanks to its special combination of form, proportion, alignment and pattern the symbol functions on a permanent basis, 24 hours a day just so long as the geometry is observed.

Obviously there are conditions when this effect is nullified, as happens everywhere in Nature as a result of major cosmic events, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, etc..

The symbol has a beneficial impact on and enhances the biomagnetic field of the wearer. When placed in a horizontal plane, the Atlantis pattern projects a negative magnetic polarity in the axis of the centreline for a distance of 60 cm or so in both directions, that distance depends on the energetic makeup of the immediate environment.

The geometric forms are essential in creating the polarized field, with each component of the pattern playing its role.

Atlantis Symbole Wie und wo findet man das Symbol von Atlantis im Grab von Agamemnon?

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